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Sell Old Platinum Jewelry

We Buy Scrap Platinum & Unused Platinum Jewelry:

If you have scrap platinum or old platinum jewelry, we'll pay you cash for it! Platinum is a rare white metal that is worth two times what gold is worth in the marketplace.

If you have...
old platinum rings,
platinum bracelets,
platinum chains & broochs
or any other piece of platinum jewelry or scrap platinum, you will pleasantly surprised at the value of your platinum items. Selling your old platinum jewelry is easy and can put alot of cash in your pocket with the high prices of platinum scrap. Many older ring settings were crafted in platinum, many years before the price increases in an ounce of platinum. As a leading platinum buyer online, send in your old unwanted platinum jewelry and get paid cash!

We Buy Scrap Palladium:

Many old palladium pieces of jewelry are melted down without the owner ever knowing it was actually palladium. This sister metal to platinum is also rare and worth cash to you! The experts at Nusinov can verify the palladium content of your unwanted jewelry, and pay you for the palladium in your items. Don't let it get tossed in with the 'junk jewelry' -- send your unwanted palladium scrap and palladium jewelry to us and get paid cash!

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